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Burger King
Weaver helps upgrade and reconstruct the OA system of Burger King
Burger King

Customer profile

Burger King is a global fast-food chain with more than 16,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries. In 1980, Burger King entered the Chinese market. Since then, it has entered nearly 100 cities in China with over 900 outlets.

As the scale continues to expand, Burger King urgently needs advanced Office system to improve store operation efficiency and risk prevention, which is embodied in solving the problems of non-standard store management, difficult employee collaboration, low efficiency of contract management and approval.

Construction content

As it turned out, Burger King aimed to build:

1、A general management portal which supports bi-lingual login and customized interface configuration;
2、A legal management module which supports online approvaland signing of contracts, e-stamps and CA digital signatures with authority;
3、A cost control management module to support its stores with budget planning and cost reimbursement;
4、A workflow management module to set workflow node based on roles and other requirements, and that supports view permission.

Experience summary

With the help of Weaver, Burger King has:

1、Improved its collaborative office capability andremoved the language barrier between Singapore and Chinese colleagues;
2、Achieved effective monitor of contract content and the signer’s identity and ensured the security and effectiveness of the contract;
3、Standardized the money using of its stores and reimbursement flow of employees so as to be able to effectively monitor the stores’ account and money flow;
4、Clearly defined the employees’ accountabilities and authorizations of operating and reading information based on their job positions with the newly built system.

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