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Weaver helps upgrade and reconstruct the OA system of Hitachi Automotive Systems (Suzhou) Ltd
Hitachi Automotive Systems (Suzhou) Ltd

Customer profile

Hitachi Automotive Systems (Suzhou) Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., one of the world's largest electronic product manufacturers, which manufactures and sells automotive electronic control system products.

Hitachi-Suzhou was incorporated in 2002, covers an area of 50,000 square meters, and currently has about 200 employees. The company attaches great importance to whether the transactional work related to production activities can be standardized as workflows, and it also involves multi-dimensional cross-departmental and cross-regional daily work collaboration.

Project Scope

Hitachi-Suzhou aimed to standardized its:

1、Purchasing management system so that it will support one-click link of data including supplier qualifications and budget with the purchase request, online approval, stamping and signing of purchase contract, and checking the receiving and delivery of goods;
2、Business trip management system on which the employees can submit business trip application through mobile APP or PC and apply the prepaid expense in the meantime. The system will be connected with ticket booking system and make it convenient for the employees to travel for business and submit invoices.
3、Budgeting and cost control system which can intelligently detect whether the reimbursement application conforms to the budget rules and give advisory tips, set the budgets of different departments according to the actual demand, and present statistical data and tables of budget using.

Project Summary

Weaver helped Hitachi-Suzhou to standardize its management of suppliers, business trips, budgeting and const control, to improve the collaboration of the group’s purchasing work, and to efficiently manage its business trips. The budgeting management of purchasing cost and business trip standards were also built through workflows and digital automation.

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