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Weaver helps upgrade and reconstruct the OA system of FAW-Volkswagen Co., Ltd
FAW-Volkswagen Co., Ltd

Customer profile

FAW-Volkswagen Co., Ltd. (FAW-Volkswagen) was established on February 6, 1991.
After more than 20 years of development, FAW-Volkswagen has five major bases in Changchun, Southwest, South China, East China and North China, with a total of about 9,000 employees. With the development of FAW-Volkswagen's business, higher demands have been placed on group procurement, file encryption, mobile office and office system integration.

Project Scope

1、Information Portal
Information on awards, news announcements, corporate culture, R&D results will be displayed in special topics; different business units have their own information portals, which will improve the organization of information display.
2、Workflow Management
Employees can use mobile phones and computers to start workflows and track their status anywhere at any time. Leaders can also give feedbacks online timely. After logging in to the system, there will be reminders of pending workflows to improve the approval and circulation effectiveness.
3、Document Management
The system supports importing templates of different document types for editing. After the documents are edited, it supports online approval by multi-person. After the official publish of the documents, managers can check the pageviews and the delivery rate of the documents through data reports.

Project Value

With the help of Weaver, a collaborative office system for PC and mobile end was built for FAW-Volkswagen to realize paperless office. By optimizing the workflow, all the work is realized step by step: tasks can be tracked and projects can be evaluated.
The document management within the group was achieved, and all documents were archived and searchable. Platform-based management has created an information portal for the entire group and its affiliated institutions and departments, and has achieved work progress monitoring.

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