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Weaver helps upgrade and reconstruct the OA system of APP

Customer profile

As one of the top ten companies in the global paper industry, since 1992, APP-China owned over 20 pulp and paper mills as wholly owned subsidiaries and holding companies, along with 19 forestry companies, with total assets of about 172.6 billion RMB, annual processing capacity of about 11 million tons.
APP-China's high-end and middle-grade paper products are spread in various fields such as culture, industry and household, to meet people's needs for all-round living such as printing, packaging, office, and hygiene. The sub-brands include BREEZE, Jinbei and Maslino.

Project Scope

With the help of Weaver, APP-China aimed to:
1、Deploy its office system in two schemes of which one is based on the server in China and another on the foreign local server, and both with stable and high access speed;
2、Build a multilingual system that supports Chinese, English and Indonesian and supports login language switch and manual language switch after login, as well as default language setting according to the region;
3、Be able to create standard workflows and application forms according to its real demands, and workflow submission and approval based on the authority of roles, and the portal displays to-do list;
4、Achieve the integration of Office System and SAP by relating the business information with the Office System according to the business requirements.

Project Value

Weaver provided the most important underlying support for APP-China's grouping and globalization by providing multiple ways of deployment; the multi-language system meets the office use of employees of all nationalities and helps the development of the enterprise; the integration of Office System and SAP and the creation of standard workflows enabled the group's global institutions to break information barriers, accelerate information exchange, and meet the needs of rapid business development.

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