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Weaver helps upgrade and reconstruct the OA system of leica

Customer profile

Leica is a world-famous German camera brand. The Leica camera is produced by Leitz company in Germany, and is well-known for its reasonable structure, excellent processing and reliable quality. In the 1920s and 1950s, Germany had always dominated the throne of the world's camera kingdom. The Leica camera was also a brand-name camera that was competitively produced by other countries around the world at that time, and enjoyed a high reputation in the world.

Project Scope

1、To build a mobile office platform for Leica through Enterprise Wechat entry.
2、To build an Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) that allows the employees to gain relevant information based on their job position authorities and supports knowledge exchange and storage.
3、To build a standard workflow and application forms according to Leica’s actual needs.
4、To build a unified personnel management platform that allows the employees to register their attendance on the phone, so as to easily control and analyze the employees and attendance.
5、To build a unified knowledge management system which can form a knowledge map and supports the setting of version, template and authority.

Project Value

Weaver connected Leica’s office system and enterprise Wechat, built a desk platform for the unified aggregation and post of information centered on the work of Leica employees, realized a standardized workflow system, established a workflow-driven data and a personnel-centered management platform, and created a platform for knowledge accumulation, sharing, utilization and innovation.

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