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Synergistic Matrix Model

一、 Enterprises or institutions' actual synergy needs

If we make an abstract understanding of an organization, then there are seven basic elements in every enterprise and institution: the element of human beings, the element of workflow, the element of knowledge, the element of customers' resources, the element of project, the element of material and property; these seven elements are not isolated but strongly correlate with each other, and circulate within various departments.

As a business leader,he/she must require a full range of information, for example if he/she wants to know an employee working situation in the company, he/she will be concerned about: how is the employee task finishing situation? how is the employee knowledge contribution and accumulation in the enterprise? how is the employee's customer or supplier situation? ... All of these information is what the leader will pay attention to when it comes to an employee, not just the staff profile.

So how can efficiently solve the prevalent key management demands?
The traditional solution is providing the perspective from the angle of "one-dimensional single thread", which is bound to build a customer management system for managing customers, build a document management system for managing documents, build a crew management system for managing the staff, build a workflow management system for managingthe workflow.... Although these systems can solve some problems of the enterprise in short term, but the key issue is that these elements are strongly related to each other. It's necessary to keep track of the traces so as to fully assess the employees' performance.

Business have been looking for a "stereo multithread" management model that can manage all elements of business on a single platform. Weaver's "synergisticmatrix" model is designed to meet this critical need of the enterprise.

二、Weaver synergistic solution--synergistic matrix model

Weaver has designed the "synergistic matrix model" to effectively solve the enterprise departments "stereo multi-thread" management needs.

First, Weaver synergistic management platform (e-colgoy) integrates the seven elements of enterprise management on a unified platform. Through the "synergistic matrix model", e-cology simulates the real operation of enterprises, highly synergizes the functional modules, and extract all relevant information of the enterprise information network management so as to truly realize the internal synergistic management and collaboration.

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Weaver synergistic matrix model provides the solution of enterprise information network management: in the system, if users find an information point, then all related point can be found. For example: if you want to find a sales man in the company, then all related information of this person can be extracted through the point of personal informationsuch as personal financial information ( salary, welfare, cost, expense), customers, documents, subordinates, involved projects and used assets.
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