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Weaver's synergistic matrix model effectively satisfies the demands of information network management. This is about the system logic thinking.

In terms of the transmission of power, the system needs a model to support the "matrix model" operation, the "gear linkage model" is designed for this purpose.

The key to the "gear linkage model" is: to provide a core engine to support every application modules (each module is similar to one gear):knowledge document management module, workflow management module, HR management module, customer relationship management module, project management module, finance management module and assets management module. As long as one module(gear) operates, the other modules (gears) will also operate through the gear alignment center.

As shown in the figure above: one module operation can drive the other six modules operation which greatly intensifies the modules function, increases the system synergy to solve the enterprise synergistic management demands.

The "gear linkage model" is independently designed and developed by Weaver which main function is to improve the correction effect between various function modules. The core of this module is the " gear alignment center" which is in fact the synergistic management platform engine. Why this engine can play the role of correction? Because the engine is composed of e-HR and e-workflow; e-HR as the "heart" and e-workflow as the "blood vessel". The engine connects with the enterprise information resources and business operation workflows.

In the system, when you operate one module, the other related modules can be launched at once which will generate strong gear linkage effect and realize the synergistic function. This model enables enterprises to manage the business on a unified platform.

Whether a software can be called the synergistic management application platform doesn't depends on the number of involved software system. Weaver's synergistic management application platform has adopted the idea of synergistic management which strongly connects with each other among the management modules. For users, they just need to report the information, then the platform can automatically submit it to the relevant module to handle the request information.。

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