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Weaver’s OA Project in Shanghai Carrefour Sourcing Consulting Company Has Been Accepted Successfully
Release Date:2019-05-16 Browse Times:10299


Recently, the OA project in Shanghai Carrefour Sourcing Consulting company was successfully accepted.

Carrefour, as the second largest retailer in the world, was foundedin 1959. Through decades of continuous development and expansion, it now has over 10,000 operation units in 30 countries and regions worldwide. Presently, Carrefour ranked 25th among the Fortune 500 companies. Carrefour Global Sourcing China is entitled to find direct sources and provide best price and qualitative export products from China and export to his 30 countries & areas.

Shanghai Carrefour Sourcing Consulting Co.,Ltd. has gradually established a sound scientific and standardized governance structure and modern enterprise system after years of rapid development, and information construction has become a considerable part of enterprise information development process. Weaver’s advanced collaborative management concept and ideas have been unanimously recognized by the leaders of Shanghai Carrefour Sourcing Consulting company.

By integrating the information release, internal communication, workflow management, document management and enterprise management of Shanghai Carrefour Sourcing Consulting company to a unified platform, Weaver’s OA can comprehensively coordinate all aspects of office to improve the officing quality and efficiency. Shanghai Carrefour Sourcing Consulting company will use the collaborative OA to solve the current information management issues, and the OA system’s extensibility will lay a foundation for future product function upgrading and in-depth application.

The successful cooperation between the two parties will promote the informatization development of Shanghai Carrefour Sourcing Consulting company, improve its officing efficiency, and bring a brand new officing and management mode to the company.

At the same time, Weaver can utilize the successful cooperation with Shanghai Carrefour Sourcing Consulting company to further promote the OA brand and spread the collaborative officing concept.

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