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Weaver’s Mobile Offcing System Enters into Konica Minolta
Release Date:2019-05-16 Browse Times:10431

Recently, Weaver signed a contract with Konica Minolta (Dalian) Co., Ltd. to build an efficient OA officing system with information portal, standard process and
with high integration feature.

Konica Minolta (Dalian) Co., Ltd., founded in April 1994, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta, which is a large multinational group with more than 40,000 employees.

Konica Minolta (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in digital camera manufacturing and optical related products manufacturing and sales. The main products are high precision resin lenses, high precision optical glass lenses, digital camera/digital camera lens components, vehicle reversing image system lens components and mobile phone lens components.

Konica Minolta (Dalian) Co., Ltd., which walks in the forefront of the industry, in order to quickly respond to market demands and develop more suitable solutions for customers, chooses Weaver to help them build their own office system. By standardizing company business processes and sharing knowledge and document, the company has successfully utilized OA system to promote internal knowledge transfer, utilization, improve work efficiency and optimize the communication effect.

After signing the contract, the project has become another successful application case in the industry. We believe that the close cooperation of both sides, will effectively improve the overall business environment of Konica Minolta, and bring rapid development to Weaver’s OA management concept and its mobile officing products.

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