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Collaborative Management Platform
for Large Enterprises
Light Front-end, Heavy Back-end

Brand new front-end and user experience
Make e-cology as user-friendly as Facebook.
Multiple back-end engine centers
Ensure system configurability, meeting the changing requirements of users.
Target Client Large enterprises, group companies, government and public institutions.
Flat Design Displaying the information and workflow in a simpler and more direct way.
Complete Mobility Mobile application that is task-centered and people-oriented.
Application Center Including execution platform, finance shared service center, optimized customer management, project management and cloud services.
Engine Centers Including document engine, portal engine, workflow engine, business modeling, mobility service engine and integration engine.
Operating Centers Supervising system operation, resource utilization, system upgrade guide and verification.
Collaboration Platform for SMEs
Light Applications, Open Access

Over 30 light applications modules
Focusing on portal, approval, document, blog, project, HR and so on.
Rich APIs and cloud-based applications
e-office offers a wide variety of APIs that enable clients to access third-party business systems. Meanwhile, e-office also provides cloud-based applications, forms and workflows library which make implementation easier.
Target Client SMEs, government and public institutions.
Light Applications Displaying the information and workflow in a simpler and more direct way.
Complete Mobility Mobile application that is task-centered and people-oriented.
Cloud-based Form Library Forms can be used only after being imported, no implementation of design required.
Customized Applications Customized portal setting, quick start, theme customization and design of visual reports.
App Center Offering 30 plus application modules to internal staff, which can be used based on authentication and authorization.
Open Platform Providing APIs for business partners and agents, enabling quick access to the third-party systems.
Integrated Mobile OA Cloud
Cloud-based Collaboration Platform

Things did, to do and the results
eteams helps you record your achievements, focus on the current assignments, track what’s going on and plan for the future.
Make everyone’s performance clear and visible
You are able to have a clear view of every staff’s work progress, real facts of every event and the results you pay special attention to at anytime anywhere.
Target Client Small and micro-sized businesses, teams and departments within organizations.
Ease of Use Improve work efficiency in an easy way without training or system implementation.
Socialization Cloud-based collaboration software embedding the concept of socialization and flat organization.
Security and Reliability All data are encrypted, protected by triple-layered network and physical security control.
Multiple Terminals Able to synchronize data and applications in real time between PC, iPhone and Android.
Advanced Architecture Featured by five-layer architecture, rich components and open APIs which enable quick development and integration with third-party systems.
Integrated Enterprise Mobile Office Platform
Platform, Integration

Mobile Modeling without Coding
It allows you to develop various applications by leveraging six mobile modeling engines including organization, integration, content, search and forms, really value for money.
Integrated Mobile Applications
It allows you to integrate with other systems by use of integration engine, making business and management more integrated.
Target Client All types of Organizations.
Task-oriented and People-connected Innovative design of “Task-Centered and People-Connected�? instead of legacy grid interface.
Platform-based Not only a mobile application, but also an on-demand mobile development platform.
APP Store Enable deployment of all applications developed in the mobile platform on the Cloud, supported by Weaver’s App Store.
Intelligent Voice Enable voice interaction with e-Mobile, which will release your hands during busy working hours.
Security Control Enhanced security with black and white name list, also integration with the security statistics of other mobile application manager.