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Best Choice for Large Enterprises and Organizations
Decoupling of Front and Back End,
Rapid Configuration and User Friendly
A professional collaboration platform for large and medium-sized enterprises, e-cology adopts the management trend of “mobility, socialization, platform and cloud-based?
The front-end is user –friendly and provides over 30 applications including portals, workflows, knowledge management, blogs, work attendance, tasks, customer management and project management.

Meanwhile, the back-end provides seven engines, that is, organization, portal, workflow, knowledge, integration, modeling and maintenance. These engines enables flexible configuration of front-end applications, providing an advanced customized configuration platform for the enterprises.
Best Choice for Large Enterprises and Organizations
e-cology realizes the separation of front and back end. The front-end provides different types of applications for business collaboration while the back-end provides powerful configuration tools for system customization and maintenance.

Portal Management
Create integrated collaboration platform that gathers and pushes information
Workflow Management
Enable standard work processes that improves efficiency
Knowledge Management
Facilitate knowledge accumulation, sharing , utilization and ultimately business innovation
Project Management
Fully in charge of project lifecycle
Task Collaboration
Enable collaboration of cross –department virtual team
Communication Management
Offer various channels of timely communication
Conference Management
Enable meeting preparation, tracking on the resolution and statistics
HR Management
Build a collaboration team with clear roles and responsibilities
Client Management
Capture and manage customers
Asset Management
Enable lifecycle management of physical assets
Execution Platform
Provide a target oriented task execution platform
Schedule Management
Aim to improve employees�?time management skills
Work Blog
Enable records of daily work and communications with colleagues
System Knowledge Tree
Offer a comprehensive introduction to the system functionalities
Micro Cloud Store
Offer application cloud just like App store
System Integration
Provide an integrated collaboration platform
Business Reports
Provide full spectrum of business reports to support business decisions

Organization Authorization Center
Support matrix and multidimensional organizations

Business Modeling Engine
Support virtual reports, data reconstruction, import and export of modules, accelerating system deployment

Mobile Modeling Engine
Enable quick deployment on mobile terminals with a full set of applications

Portal Engine
Enable developers to customize the portal with full spectrum of preset design elements.

Workflow Engine
Featured with independent deployment, version control, auto monitoring, rule control and reverse maintenance

Document Engine
Offer improved functionalities of community, scoring and awarding, search and authorization management

Collaboration Engine
Enable synchronization of data and applications between different terminals and modules

Integration Eenter
Provide full spectrum of preset third-party interface

Maintenance Center
Monitor system healthy and resource occupation, guide on system upgrade and verification control

Log Center
Monitor changes on actions, processes, customers and projects, providing system warning functionality
Best Choice for Large Enterprises and Organizations
e-cology applies to different business scenarios in different industries with its standard functional models and powerful modeling engines. It can play a tremendous role no matter in core business or general business area.

Capital Management
Expense reimbursement, budget and capital management

Administrative Management
Vehicles, office supplies, meeting room, license, etc

Contract Management
Management of contract drafting, approval, execution, AR/AP, ledger and filing

Personnel Management
Recruitment, training, on-board, work attendance, absence, and separation

Official Document Management
Receiving and issuing official documents

Enterprise Portal
Promotion of corporate culture, employee life and star employees

External Resources
Management of suppliers, agents, experts and partners

Legal and Auditing
Management of contract risks and critical control points of processes

Daily work report management, performance evaluation and performance data inquiry

HR announcement, department notice, latest signings, news release, rules and policy announcement and urgent message

System Management
Version release, update, inquiry and statistics

Conference Management
Meeting preparation and tracking on implementation of resolution

Communication Assistant
Contacts, instant messaging, internal email, work blog and expert map

Plan and Task
End-to-end management of objectives, plan, tasks and performance

Employee Self-service
Vacation inquiry, expense claims, salary inquiry, office supplies request and reminders

Social Applications
Blogs, sharing, instant messaging, Q&As, encyclopedia

Knowledge Management
Knowledge accumulation, sharing, retrieval, and ultimately business innovation

Personnel Service
Personal profile, specialist library and employee motivation

Travel Service
End-to-end management of business trip application, ticket reservation and expense claims

Time Management
Improving work efficiency with the help of schedule management tool

Work Efficiency
Timeout reminder, process efficiency monitoring and optimization

Sales Management
Customer inquiries, contacts and opportunity management

Project Management
Project initiation, implementation and reporting

R&D Management
Requirements collection, discussion and R&D assignments

Customer Service Management
Customer self-service, issue tracking, portal release and customer caring services

Marketing Activity
Events planning, execution, market feedbacks and knowledge sharing of marketing events

Quality Management
ISO filing management as well as management of process security

Supplier Management
Supplier inquiry, data, sharing, ledger and portal

Agent Management
Agent portal, inquiries and ledger

Business Dashboard
Business index and performance statements
Client Citations
Best Choice for Large Enterprises and Organizations
As the choice for organizations from all kinds of industries, e-cology has been widely used in well-known domestic and international enterprises.