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Designed for SMEs and growith organizations
Over 30 Standard Applications
Less Efforts on Development and Implementation
e-Office is a standard OA platform designed for small and medium-sized organizations. Featured by private deployment, it requires less efforts on development and implementation. It offers 30 plus applications especially designed for small and medium-sized organizations, including knowledge documents, workflows, projects, customers, expenses and missions.

In addition, the system is highly secured with the function of “one key backup and quick data recovery? It’s also featured with simple and easy maintenance. In a word, e-office is the best choice for SMEs, both in the area of general management and core business operation.
Designed for SMEs and growith organizations
e-office offers extensive functionalities that support business operation, including workflow collaboration,
knowledge system, human resource management and administration.

Workflow Approval
record of approvals and statistics reports to help standardize rules and processes
Expense Management
Expenses control with clear request and reimbursement process

Finanical Management
Integration with supplier database, tracking and analysis on revenue and expenditure, full cash flow plan and management on
Project Management
Lifecycle management of individual or team project, enabling collaboration in the course of project planning, execution and completion
client Management
Enterprise-level customer management and single customer view
Collaboration BBS
task-oriented cross team/department/posts collaboration

Assignment Management
task assignment, tracking and feedback, with auto reminder of the progress
Schedule Management
Schedule checking, planning and management with dynamic calendar

Conference Management
Conference equipment management, meeting room reservation and reminder
Micro Blog
Record daily work, feedbacks from colleagues and team leaders
Document Center
Knowledge archive of the whole enterprise
Book Information
Categorization of books

File Management
Digitalization of all important files, simplifying file collection, sorting, storage, identification and statistics
Notice Management
Notice classification and auto release of notice to the news portal once approved

News Management
Unified news release platform, with news classification function
Photo Album Management
Management of personal and public albums, able to assign different space for different categories
Personnel Files

advanced and dynamic HR database with complete HR data storage scheme
Compensation Center
Employee compensation statistics, calculation, view and reporting

Performance Appraisal
business objectives setting and appraisals on different posts

Attendance Management
Support of mobile log-in, linkage with absence, business trip and overtime management process, with auto generation of attendance report
Leave/Absence Management
Online application for business travel and leave of absence, with auto linkage to the attendance data and compensation calculation
Address Book

Individual and public address book for all employees

Internal Email
email embedded with business workflow, documents and other data
External Email
Able to retrieve email address from the employee address book, public contacts and customer information database

Office Supplies
categorization of office supplies, office supplies application process and also inventory alert
Vehicle Management
Vehicle data entry and maintenance management, vehicle scheduling
Designed for SMEs and growith organizations
e-office is able to help organizations operate more efficiently and leverage business insights more effectively.
It is a valuable tool both for executives and employees

Management Decision
Highly efficient and reasonable scheduling, enable mobile office anytime and anywhere
Analyze the company operation condition through the data of each module
Understand employee’s working status so as to promote the healthy development of the team.

Employee On boarding
Navigation map and documents to support quick onboarding,
pending workflows and email reminders to improve work efficiency,
work blog to record work details and to share with colleagues.

Administration and HR
Recruitment process, establishment of personnel profile.
Attendance management, performance management and compensation management.
Management and maintenance of vehicles, physical assets and meeting rooms.
Projects and Technology
Sharing of technology know-how and requirement management.
Real-time project update.
Real-time tracking on the project through change reminder and information push in portal.

Sales and client Service
Display of sales information and customer service request in the portal.
Effective management of customer authority and contract.
Order management and statistics reports.
Financial Review & Approval
Real-time recording the revenue and expenditures, improving financial risk management.
Management of individual and department expenditures.
Integration of business process and revenue/expenditure recognition.
Client Reference
Designed for SMEs and growith organizations
More than 10000 enterprises and institutions have chosen e-office as their collaboration platform.