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Integrated Collaboration Cloud
Integrated Mobile Officing and Collaboration Cloud
Eteams is an integrated SAAS mobile officing tool. It focuses on objectives, assignments and project collaboration. It not only embeds the featured applications like approval, attendance management, customer management and business dashboard, but also integrates the popular social application Wechat ?

Eteams is a user-friendly platform. It releases you from heavy implementation work as what you need to do is just registration.
Integrated Collaboration Cloud
eteams offers rich functionalities including undergoing projects, task collaboration, mobile approval,
CRM, schedule management and field management.

Task Collaboration
Task assignment, real-time tracking and feedbacks to ensure business results
Daily Work Report
Record of daily results and experience sharing, enabling tracking on work progress and result
Undergoing Projects
Creation of cross-departmental team-based project collaboration that adheres to PDCA

Document Library
Establishing the unified knowledge repository to store knowledge and experiences so as to facilitate sharing and innovation
Customer Management
Management of customers, opportunities, leads and contract
Providing a clear view on sales activities
Approval Workflow
Digitalization of administrative management and internal approval
Mobile approval that further improves efficiency

Time Schedule
Individual to-do-list
display of team calendar to avoid schedule conflict
Mobile Log-in
Mobile sign-up to know employee’s attendance and working status
Statistical Statement
Multi-dimensional statistics reports down to individual and task level
Integrated Collaboration Cloud
eteams makes sure everyone within the organization has a clear view on what to do, what has been done and the results.
It definitely improves operating efficiency by enabling efficient collaboration

What can eteams do for you?
Pay attention to the work performance of subordinates

A clear and timely view on each subordinate’s work progress and results which provides in-time guidance and helps employees grow

Evidence-based management

Sharing of experience/ know-how based on record of what has been done everyday
Reduction of wrangle

Rules and Regulations Implementation

Digitalization of rules and regulations · Quick establishment and optimization of process rules · More focus on core business objectives by adoption of mobile approval

Real-time Collaboration

Project/customer oriented cross-departmental collaboration with clear roles and responsibilities for each team member

PDCA execution

                                                    Establishment of closed loop of planning, execution, feedback and regular review

Mobile Office

Communication and work at any time any where on the mobile devises, with no more worry about urgent issues

Client Reference
Integrated Collaboration Cloud
More than 400,000 businesses have registered eteams
and enjoyed the efficient collaboration office.